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Play-By-Play Map

Play-By-Play Map

It’s difficult to define when someone becomes a “great” or even “good” sports broadcaster. There’s not really a litmus test for it and even sportscasters at the top of the profession have their detractors. Such is the nature of the job when you’re audience is made up of the general public; someone isn’t going to like you for one of any number of reasons.

So while I try to improve at my craft and get better and better from year to year, I’ve set myself the goal of covering a sporting event in all 50 states. It’s not exactly a perfect barometer but I figure the closer I get to this goal, the better I must be doing at my job since somebody somewhere decided it was okay for me to call a sport in that particular state.

Thus far I have 13 states checked off the list, with my particular thanks to the Stockton Thunder for helping me get Alaska after a nice 7-day, 5-game trip to the most northern state last February against the ECHL’s Aces (not sure how I’m going to get Hawaii accomplished without venturing into some college basketball or golf play-by-play… but I’ll worry about that later).

Somewhat cool (at least to me) was the fact that I managed to do play-by-play in each of the four corners of the U.S. (Maine, Florida, California, Alaska) within 8 months of each other; a couple Maine high school state baseball/softball playoff games in June, the USL Super 20 soccer tournament down in Florida in July, the Thunder in Stockton, California starting in October and the trip to Alaska in February.



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